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  • The company held a special warning educat…


    On the morning of July 10, the company in the second floor conference room held a special warning education for "talking polit…

  • The company held a new commission of midd…


    On the afternoon of May 8, the company held a conference room in the second floor of the conference room. The company led li zhensh…

  • The company launches "cool off"…


    Recently, the temperature in the north of the country continues to rise, and the companys production site is more heatwave. Cool an…

  • The company held the launch ceremony of t…


    Value the 16 on the arrival of the "safe production month" in order to further do a good job in corporate security worker…

  • The company recognizes labor competitors


    Sun Junhua May 19 morning, the head of the company, Xue Zhong alive accompanied by relevant departments, to the hydraulic products …

  • The group company led the company to the …


    On the afternoon of July 26, the group leader tang zhongxi and li hongzhong were accompanied by the relevant departments to visit t…

  • Ten aspects of the violation of the speci…


    To seriously implement the group "in advance" two learn how to make a "learning education normalization and institut…

  • Huaihai co., LTD. Held a job fair for pro…


    On June 17, huaihai oko professional manager job fair was held in conference room on the second floor of the company. 17 excellent …

  • The company has a solid grasp of safety


    In recent years, the company has always made safe production a top priority for enterprises, and has taken various measures to ensu…

  • The companys strong service for research …


    In recent years, the company has made great efforts to transform the development mode and actively adjusted the marketing thinking,…

  • Provincial enterprise service party organ…


    On June 20th, the provincial sasacs party committee issued a notice naming 27 provincial party organizations, such as the party bra…

  • The company conducts fire fighting drills…


    In order to carry out the monthly activities of safe production and raise the awareness of fire safety, the company carried out a f…

  • The 12th five-year plan for coal industry…


    A few days ago, Chinas coal industry development research center, made it clear that the coal industry has proposed the framework o…

  • Anhui coal mine safety costs the highest


    From the 2010 China international symposium on mine gas prevention and control technology news briefing learned that four mining gr…

  • Working principle of hydraulic support


    The hydraulic support is the supporting equipment of the fully mechanized work, and its main function is to support the roof of the…

  • Youll need five tips to lower your costs


    1. Minimize the impact of harmful factors1. Avoid impuritiesFor electromechanical equipment in the environment of harsh environment…

  • The daily maintenance of the conveyor


    1. During the working process, the conveyor should be supervised by fixed personnel. The caretaker must be familiar with the genera…

  • We will energetically improve the safety …


    June 30 solstice, July 1, the national coal mine safety inspection bureau held a symposium on the safety production of coal mine in…

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  • Belt conveyor

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  • The following are the annual production capacity of our main products

  • 1500+

    Hydraulic support

  • 12+

    Scraper conveyor

  • 50+

    Belt conveyer

  • 20+

    Monorail locomotive

  • 120+

    Equipment train

  • 30+

    Removal equipment

  • My company's belt conveyor design and manufacturing technology has reached the leading domestic level

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